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At times, homeowners install windows that are available in various shapes and sizes. Window styles and shapes are unique allowing light penetration and ventilation. Windows are available in five basic styles: double or single hung windows, sliding windows, casement or roll-out windows, awning or hopper windows, and louvered windows.

The single or double-hung windows are styled on a traditional pattern that opens vertically. The sash acts as a frame where the window panes are set in. In a double hung window, the sash slides both ways allowing the window to open from top and bottom which improves air circulation. In a single hung window, rock bottom sash slides upward which keeps the upper half permanently fixed. To avoid insect infiltration, screens are usually installed outside the framework.

Sliding windows differ from the only and double-hung windows as their sashes feature horizontal movement. Double sliding windows have movable sashes with screens placed on the outside or interior of the framework. The casement windows open outwards with hinges at the side, usually, a handle crank opens such windows. The window can open out for correct ventilation but because it stands proudly, it blocks air circulation to an excellent extent. Roll-out windows, also called casement windows, are mainly confined to bathrooms and are amid handles that turn to open.

Awning windows are hinged at the highest and open outwards with screens attached to the inside. once they are open, the glass pane acts as an awning and protects the inside from the rain. The hopper windows are a similar style with hinges at rock bottom but open inward. Such window types are usually seen in basements.

Louvered windows are formed of several strips of tilted glasses. The windows are opened by a lever. Since air often leaks through the movable glass pieces, even when closed, the louvered windows tend to be energy inefficient. This accounts for his or her prevalence in mild climates. They also create a security hazard because the glass strips might be easily broken or removed for gaining entry.

Windows today bring beauty, light, warmth, and funky breeze into homes while providing a way of openness and space. Single pane windows are replaced by multi panes. Such panes are made from energy-efficient materials with coated glass for warmth reflection. the purchasers have the choice of choosing windows which saves money while increasing comfort.

As windows normally outnumber doors in any home, selecting the acceptable window is extremely important as people lately are concerned about energy conservation. Windows are designed for optimum efficiency with the newest energy-efficient technology. Well-styled windows allow natural ventilation and ushers sophistication to the whole home decor.

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